Marine Ecosystem

Marine wildlife – fauna & flora

The marine ecosystem adjacent to the Conservancy is part of the Global 2000 eco-region supporting a great diversity of animal and plant life. It is a known turtle nesting area. All five species of marine turtles occurring in Kenya’s waters are listed by the World Conservation Union as either endangered or critically endangered, and the Kipini coastal area has been identified as a key nesting area and foraging ground for rare and threatened sea turtles in Kenya.

Several species of whales and dolphins are found in these waters, as well as the globally threatened dugong (Dugong dugon). Often referred to as the sea cow, the dugong is the only herbivorous mammal that is strictly marine. The shallow sea-grass along the Conservancy’s shore is a preferred habitat for the dugong which is endangered along the Kenya coast.

The Conservancy bordering the Tana River Delta is a stop over and wintering habitat for many migratory bird populations. The area also provides habitat for threatened shorebirds and seabirds.