Ongoing Projects

Funded by the EU

Ongoing training of scouts.

Establishing the Conservancy boundaries.

Construction of an office, manager’s house, dining hall
and guest house.

Community awareness workshops and training.

Grading of roads and airstrip.

Purchasing of a computer, printer, office equipment
and stationery.

Proposed Projects

KWBC has arranged a joint partnership with an NGO in which a proposal has been jointly put to the Community Trust Fund (CDP2 Special Programme). The proposal is for the following activities:
10 kilometre road with 4 culverts and various filling with murrum.
10 kilometre water pipeline (50mm) for drinking water for Kipini Location and environs.
5 classroom block at Ziwani Primary School.
5 classroom block at Matengeni Primary School.
105 sq. metre dormitory for girls at Kipini Secondary School.
Solar-powered water pump for the Kipini Secondary School bore hole.
Rehabilitation of the Kipini Primary School roof.
Training and community capacity building.

Elephant Movement Study to be carried out by a university student doing his masters, jointly with Kenya Wildlife Service.

Dolphin and Dugong Study to be carried out with support from UNEP and NEPAD. The study will be carried out using Kipini Village artisanal fishermen, for a period of one year, with community workshops. A student, supported by GAUF, will join the programme.

Sourcing university students to establish the area of the Tana Red Colobus within the Conservancy and Witu Forest, and to carry out a study of Oribis and Bush Babies within the Conservancy and the surrounding districts.

A proposal is being submitted to the Tourist Trust Fund for the development of a small and environmentally appropriate Eco-Tourist Lodge on the Conservancy. The Eco-Lodge will be sited and constructed in a manner that will cause the least possible damage to the surrounding environment.

Sourcing for further funds to carry out the KWBC Management Development Plan for 5 years on multi-dimensional activities.

Planning for the development of a Buffer Zone, whereby KWBC will supply seedlings to the local community to plant suitable tree species, allowing the community to harvest the trees on maturity.

Tendering for the study of the Conservancy ecosystem and habitat. No comprehensive inventory of the flora, and threatened plant species, has yet been undertaken.

Intended Activities

Community Impact on Wildlife awareness will be carried out by organising students from neighbouring schools to stay for two days and carry out various activities within the Conservancy, to create practical awareness in areas of natural resources management, including both marine and wildlife.

Creating the Conservancy beach area as the largest Turtle Nesting Area of the Kenya Coast.